img_0653Creating things makes me happy. When I’m not busy working for other people, I make fused glass art, handmade cards, jewelry, costumes, hats and more.

I was born in Hawaii and moved to Northern California as a child. I grew up on a small farm in Sonoma County. We grew our own fruits and vegetables and raised sheep, cows, goats, chickens and horses.

Although I no longer live on a farm, I’m in the same area, surrounded by redwood trees, organic farms, wineries and nature. The rugged coastal ocean is less than an hour away.

My art inspiration comes from what I see around me. I love bringing to life my interpretation of the ocean, trees, flowers, animals and the colors in nature. When it comes to creating jewelry, cards and other handmade things, I make what I would like to wear, give to someone else or display myself. It’s an added bonus when other people like something I’ve made enough to do the same.

Everything I make is a one of kind piece, even if it looks similar to something else. Most of the fused glass items are what I call “functional art.” They can be displayed as an art piece or used to serve food and hold other things. Bowls, plates and trays are all lead free and food safe. I sell these items at a few local craft fairs. Below are some of the glass pieces I’ve made.


To see more of my art, please go to my MindfulConfetti Instagram site.