Everything is made by me!

Resin art has a clear hard coating. There are multiple layers of color on each item, giving it depth (like looking through ocean waves) which is very hard to show in a photo.  Below you will find various creations from serving trays, small art, trinket bowls, word signs, coasters and more. 

Some items are customizable (colors) like the Celtic trinity knot, small resin dish, and various coasters (contact me for more info if interested in special colors).

Scroll to the bottom to see close up pictures of each item. See more resin items on my Etsy site

Cutting Board w/Resin Waves

Wood Cutting board with resin black and gold design and white waves on the top half of the board. The part of the board not covered in resin is usable for chopping 22 x 8 ½ x ½ inch


Petridish Trinket Bowl

Multi-colored resin trinket bowl 2 ½ x 4



WELCOME brown wood w/gold, green, blue, purple, white resin design 18x5x1 (#24) stand-alone or hang on wall


2 Starfish and Some Waves

Metal tray ocean scene with sand and 2 starfish in the waves 18x9 wall hanging


Ride the Wave Serving Tray

Black wood serving tray sand, seashells, and sea scene 8 x 13 x 1 1/4


Bring Me Back to the Beach Serving Tray

Bamboo tray Sand and Sea ocean scene w/4 layers of resin waves - Full size 13 x 20 x 2 1/2 (#7)


Melting Ice Serving Tray

Metal tray w/white sand beach and 4 layers of resin ocean waves 12x18x2


Dark Storm Serving Tray

Dark Storm - hand painted 4 layers of black, silver, white, gold, green resin and sparkles on white wood serving tray - 16x2 inches


Blue Waters

Black wood tray hand painted waves w/2 layers of clear resin 8 x 13 x 1 1/4


Starry Night in the Round

Starry Night Resin painting on round wood 10 1/2 inches


Out to Sea

Out to Sea wood painted box with anchor cut out 8x8x1 and white leather hanger at top


Anchor Wall Hanging

Anchor wall hanging - Lightweight wood, hand painted and resin-coated 8x7 (#23)


Raise the Waves

Sand and Sea on a raised wood box with 3 layers of resin waves 8 x 8 x 1


Room for Foam

White wood box with resin waves 8x8x1/2 inch (#17)


3D Sparkle Wave

3D Sparkle Wave on white wood box 8x8x1 inch (#29)


To see more of my current art projects and videos of how I create them, follow my Instagram account @MindfulConfetti