Finally, It’s Up!

Some of my sold fused art creations

As some of you may know, I have a creative side. For many years I’ve dabbled in craft and art projects, from card making, jewelry, costumes, to fused glass creations. I love figuring out how to make things that are functional art. Then I’d give them away as gifts to friends and family and occasionally sell at craft fairs, which lead to people asking, “Do you have an Etsy online shop so I can tell my friends about you and they can buy something?” And the answer was always, “No, I haven’t had time to get that done yet.” It’s that cobbler shoe story, the one where the cobblers own family has no shoes because he’s so busy making shoes for everyone else. Well I get so busy helping my clients with their web sites and social media, that relaxing time for me is making arts and crafts, not sitting in front of my computer working on my own sites (or writing blogs about it, for that matter). But the creations are piling up so I had to just get it done!

My photo booth

Part of what held me back from making an Etsy site, was I felt like I needed to be a semi-pro photographer to showcase my creations. The fused glass is especially hard to photograph to show the true colors and shape. But thanks to Pinterest (my guilty pleasure) and all the do-it-yourself ideas listed there, I made a simple, fold up white photo booth, which sits on my dinning room table during photo shoots. Now I can take decent pictures with my iPhone and iPad that give a pretty close representation of what I’ve created.

No More Excuses

No more excuses were in my way of not getting this Etsy shop done! I took a weekend (during one of our northern California flooding events this winter, when going outside anywhere was pointless) and created my shop. As I started filling the blanks in the various Etsy templates, looking at other successful Etsy shops for examples, I realized how detailed it had all become. The in-depth descriptions of each product and the artist too (should you care to read about us), many categories, key words, searchable descriptions, shipping info and the option to add multiple photos (the better to see all angles of an item, which is very nice), the option to pay to promote your products (like Google Adwords), all made me feel like I was creating a WordPress web site for a client. Otherwise I felt right at home and was putting the things I do for others to work for myself.

So now its done and I continue to add creations I’ve made. I try to do something with my new shop everyday, whether it’s photographing stuff and adding them to the shop or self-promoting it on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. I’ve sold a couple of things too, so it’s working!

Click here to check it out!

* has been known for many years as the online place to buy and sell all things handmade and many could be custom ordered.  Now Etsy is allowing things that aren’t all handmade to be sold on their site.