New Year ~ Positive Changes

I welcome the New Year of 2017!

Steampunk goggles

Cheers! This new year is going to be better than last year. I’m putting those positive thoughts out there in the universe.

I’ve renamed my business – Mindful Confetti Solutions Inc. It’s a bigger umbrella to cover the multiple hats that I wear. I’m joining new groups, meeting new people and having fun making new friends. I’m walking in nature more, eating better and finding things to do that make me happy…basically taking care of myself. My arts and crafts have become more important to me because it’s gives me such pleasure to do them. To find people who like my stuff as much as I do is a huge bonus for me. It makes me happy to help people, whether it’s through some sort of business support or creating something that makes them feel good. Really most of what I do, even in the business end of things, is being creative; from creating newsletters for other businesses, writing articles, helping build and maintain websites, to helping people get healthier. To find something I enjoy doing and make a living at it – is all good!