Winter Storm

I have been temporarily staying in North Carolina and experienced my first ice storm. The trees surrounding the house looked so beautiful coated with ice. When the light hit them at different times of the day, they looked like glass trees. I tried to get a few decent pictures but nothing that I could take with my iPhone did the beauty of it any justice. But I managed to get a few decent pictures and then decided to mess with the slideshow feature on my computer to see what I could create. Pro photographer or video editor I am not. There are features, programs and many other aspects of technology that I never use as it has little to do with my current work. Thisย is in the category of things I want to learn how to do better “someday.” So to all you people out there who are pros at this, don’t laugh. For those who have no clue how to do any of this and I seem light years ahead of you…enjoy! This has been a fun learning experience.